Elegant Outdoor Living in 2024: 5 Trends & Tips for Luxury Outdoor Spaces

Embark on a journey with LiveWell Outdoors to elevate your elegant outdoor living with our guide to this year’s trends! We’ll delve into the latest trends and expert insights, offering valuable tips on transforming your outdoor space into a realm of sophistication and comfort.  Whether you’re seeking inspiration for incorporating sumptuous materials or optimizing compact […]
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Spring Landscaping: 8 Steps to Spruce Up Your Landscape

Tips to Spruce Up For Spring Check for winter damage Clean up garden beds Get rid of destructive insects Cut back perennials Prune trees Fertilize and add pre-emergent Prep your pool Clean your tools and furniture Would you believe that warmer temps are on the way? It may still feel like winter in your neck […]
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Fall Landscaping Tips: How to Get Your Yard Ready for Winter

As summer comes to a close, it’s time to start thinking about your fall landscaping chores. Schedule time to take care of these tasks to keep your landscape looking fresh and to prepare it for cooler temperatures.
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Building a Deck? Read This First.

Thinking of building a deck? Adding a deck to your home is a great way to extend your living room and bring it outside. A deck can also be a great gathering space not only during the warmer months, but also during the Fall.
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11 Landscaping Terms Every Homeowner Must Know

Landscaping Terms Every Homeowner Needs to Know Hardscape Deck Patio Pergola Retaining Wall Softscape Evergreen Shrub Annual Perennial Mulch When it comes time to plan your next landscaping project, it helps to know what specific landscaping terms mean. Some of those terms will refer to the softer elements of your yard while others will apply […]
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7 Excellent Plants for Your Mid-Atlantic Landscape

How should you go about selecting plants that will thrive in your Mid-Atlantic landscape? Choosing plants can sometimes be tricky and there are several questions to think about.
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10 Easy Ways to Improve Curb Appeal

A home that has good curb appeal will not only be inviting and welcoming to visitors, but will also be very attractive to potential buyers. There are some simple and easy things you can do to immediately improve your home’s curb appeal. Keep in mind these are not the only ways you can enhance the beauty […]
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