Winterization Tips to Protect Your Patio and Walkways

You have an incredible outdoor living space. Your patio is a wonderful gathering place, sometimes bustling with activity, at other times quiet and serene. But without properly preparing everything for winter, you could end up with a less than incredible space come springtime. We’ve put together some patio winterization tips to help you protect your investment.

6 Ways Protect Your Patio & Walkways

By now, you’ve already taken care of closing and winterizing your inground pool. But now it’s time to think about your patio and walkways. They need a little TLC this time of year.

… especially because winter in Maryland and Virginia can be unpredictable. Some years we get a lot of snow and ice, while other years it freezes, then it thaws, then it freezes again. That whole freeze-thaw cycle or those sheets of ice can really do a number on your patio.

But by taking a few precautions, you can protect your patio from the harsh weather.

Here’s how:

1. Remove Leaves and Debris

Sweep off any leaves and debris to prevent staining of your patio and walkways. Keep sweeping all winter.

2. Clean

Wash off any mold, mildew, or moss right now. A gentle soft wash is best.

3. Fill

Fill any cracks or gaps in the surface, and at the joints. Your patio builder can do this, or you can do it yourself.


Schedule a consultation today to get on the schedule!

4. Seal

Seal all masonry and paver patios, driveways, and walkways to prevent ice and deicer from damaging them. For a flawless job, hire a professional.

5. De-ice the Right Way

NEVER use salt to de-ice. Salt will damage any porous surface that isn’t asphalt. The runoff can also damage your plants. Use an ice melt with calcium chloride. They are quick, not as corrosive as rock salt, and do not harm plants if applied correctly. Once the ice melts, sweep and dispose of any excess product.

6. Remove Snow

Consider shoveling or sweeping snow off of your patio to prevent accumulated snow from melting and freezing again on top of your patio. This also helps keep the water from snowmelt away from your foundation.

To protect your pavers or stamped concrete patio, use a plastic shovel whenever possible. Another option is to use plastic blade protectors. It’s safe to use your snowblower on pavers, but only if you use a plastic shoe on the end.

Metal shovels can easily scratch the surface of stone pavers. In addition, they can actually leave behind tiny metal particles that can rust into your pavers and stain them.

Hire Professionals to Clean and Seal Your Patio

You invested good money in your patio. Protect your investment with professional cleaning and sealing. LiveWell Outdoors will clean and seal your patio to not only brighten the look for fall, but to protect it from the harsh winter weather. If not properly sealed, the freeze and thaw cycle we can get in the Mid Atlantic may damage it.

Schedule a consultation today to get on the schedule!

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