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Celebrate Dad with These Grilling Gifts

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If your Dad or husband is like so many other Dads, one of their happiest places is cooking for a crowd at the grill. That’s one of the reasons grilling gifts are so popular around Father’s Day. Let’s face it. Grill tools wear out. New innovations in grilling hit the market every day. And maybe it’s time for a new grill or even an upgrade to an outdoor kitchen.

We’ve pulled together some grilling gift ideas for any budget. Let’s get started.

grilling gifts

Grilling Gloves that Work

We don’t know about you, but over the years, we’ve tried multiple grill mitts and gloves, none of which properly protected the griller’s hands from the heat when transferring various grill pans and baskets from the grill to the serving area.  Then we found these silicone BBQ gloves from Blackstone. They’re heat-resistant up to 500 degrees and are easy to clean. Bonus: They’re bright orange, so they’re always easy to find when you need them.

Wireless Bluetooth Meat Thermometer

Gone are the days when the grill master has to keep watch in front of the grill. This wireless Bluetooth meat thermometer from ThermoPro connects to his phone, which allows him to check the temperature without being right next to the grill. It’s perfect for outdoor entertaining. Plus it’s equipped with multiple timers and smart alarms that monitor temperature, fuel, degrees away from target temp, and more.

A New Pellet Grill

If Dad wants to branch out from using the gas grill all the time, a new pellet grill may be just the thing. Pellet grills burn wood pellets to cook meat using a lower temperature. They can also double as a smoker. With either method of cooking, you get that smoky wood fire taste. Many of the better pellet grills are Wi-Fi enabled to alert you on your phone when you’re running low on pellets or when the temperature is fluctuating.

Learn more about pellet grills and which ones get the highest ratings in this article from BBQ Grill Academy. 

A Custom Outdoor Kitchen

If this is the year you go big for Father’s Day, consider adding an outdoor kitchen to your patio area. Continually going in and out the patio door to get something from the refrigerator or pantry can be a hassle. With the appropriate prep space, appliances, and grill, your outdoor kitchen will be somewhere the whole family can help with dinner. Cooking outside also allows for bigger and better outdoor entertaining options. What’s not to love?

Dream It. Build It. Live It.

If you’re looking to celebrate Dad with the ultimate outdoor kitchen, we can help.  We design and install luxury outdoor kitchens with premium options from Blaze Grills. Use the contact form to schedule an on-site consultation or call 301.720.1000. We work with homeowners in Maryland, DC, and Northern Virginia.

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