8 Ways to Get Resort Style Living in Your Own Back Yard

When it’s time to finally go to that resort you’ve had your eye on, it’s pretty exciting. It makes all the time you’ve taken to plan, pack, and travel to get there worth it. Wouldn’t it be great, though, to get resort-style living right in your back yard?

That would mean no more packing, no kenneling the dog, and no racing off to the airport. In fact, you’d only need your favorite book and just a few minutes to reach your destination. The biggest thing you’d have to cross off your list is scheduling dates on your calendar for your staycation at your very own resort!

As you think about ways to get the backyard resort of your dreams, consider adding the features below for that true resort-style living experience that you deserve.

Resort Style Living

1.  Inground Pool

Every luxury resort has an inground pool, if not several. But working within the size parameters of your back yard, one inground pool will be plenty. If you are planning to install an inground pool, be sure to get all of the resort-style living accents you want from the beginning. Things such as a tanning ledge, stairs, and water features will help you relax in your own resort for years to come.

If you already have an inground pool, add resort-style accents like umbrellas, nice lounge chairs, and poolside furniture with a sophisticated look. Choose a color palette that fits your tastes and personality. And be sure to have plenty of crisp white towels stored in a basket or upscale shelving unit.

You may also want to consider installing a private outdoor shower so you and your guests can rinse off before and after the pool. Just Google outdoor shower ideas and you’ll be amazed at all of the gorgeous options.

2.  Grotto

You’ve seen a grotto at a resort pool before, but you may not have known the name for it. A pool grotto is where you have a large rock waterfall with a nook or cave-like space underneath that’s large enough for you to swim into, and be behind the waterfall.  A pool grotto is beautiful, serene, and a lot of fun.

A grotto with a waterfall can be built into your new inground pool or added at the edge of your existing pool.

3.  Spa

Adding a spa is a luxury you need in order to achieve true resort-style living. Your spa can flow and cascade into your pool, or be in a more secluded area of your outdoor living space. Lounging in the spa with your beverage of choice is the ultimate in relaxation.

4.  Water Slide

Much of what we’ve mentioned so far is aesthetically pleasing. A water slide is just plain fun. They come in all sorts of styles, but the kids and kids at heart will love any water slide. No need to pack everyone up to go to the water park when you have one in your own back yard!

5.  Lush Landscaping

Lush foliage, colorful flowers, and privacy landscaping are a must for resort-style living. Your plants do not have to be tropical to give you a resort feel. As long as they are lush, green, and well-cared for, they will accent your pool and outdoor living area. Consider native plants that will stand up to an occasional splash of pool water.

6.  Natural Stones

Incorporate natural stones into your back yard for a high end, yet natural look. Natural stone pavers can be incorporated into your pool decking area, while larger rocks and boulders can accent your landscaping. You may also be able to find that perfect natural stone to turn into a diving rock.

7.  Living Walls

Living walls, garden walls, or a vertical garden – they are all similar, and add vertical interest to your outdoor living space. A stone wall with vining plants, moss, or other plant matter is one option. You can also build a living wall with latticework to support the plants. Another option that is easy to update as the seasons change is a vertical garden. This is where you have either a natural or manmade structure that you put planters on. You can easily switch out plants as the seasons change: flowering bulbs and primrose in the spring, tropical flowering plants and vining plants in the summer, and chrysanthemums, gourds, and pumpkins in the fall.

8.  Outdoor Kitchen

Your resort-style living plan is not complete without adding an outdoor kitchen and outdoor bar. No one needs to go slave away in the house while all of the fun is going on outside. And with a wine cooler and fridge outside, an adult beverage is never far away. Consider keeping a drink cart outside – but remember, no glass near the pool. Resort rules apply at home, too!

Resort Style Living — Dream It. Build It. Live It.

The key to getting the resort-style living outcome that you dream of is hiring the right contractor to build it. Look for outdoor living contractors with experience installing inground pools, as well as in hardscapes like outdoor kitchens and grottos. It helps if the same company can do your landscape design to help you create the lush landscaping and living walls you dream of.

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