Summer Landscape Tips to Keep Your Yard Looking Great

Now that warmer temperatures are here, we’d like to share a few summer landscape tips to keep your yard looking beautiful and well-maintained. Before we get started, you should know that these are tips for you if you do your own yard work. If you have a yard maintenance service, these tips will help you understand the services you should be getting.

Do: Mow Regularly

Generally, you will need to mow once a week. More often if the grass is growing speedily because of recent rains, less often if the grass is stressed by the heat. We recommend cutting grass on the highest setting on your mower. Don’t cut your grass too short, or it won’t thrive. Grass that’s cut too short is susceptible to drought and disease.

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Do: Use Weed and Feed

Applying crabgrass preventer in the spring, and weed and feed in the early summer will help your lawn grow strong and lush. But be careful to follow the directions. Over-fertilizing can do serious damage to your lawn.

Do: Water Your Lawn in Dry Weather

If there hasn’t been any decent rain in days, set up the sprinkler and water your lawn. But avoid the hottest part of the day – a lot of water will just evaporate. Also, avoid watering in the evening, as the grass will stay wet overnight. That can promote fungus growth. Opt to water in the early morning – setting a timer on your sprinkler makes this easy. Also check to make sure the sprinkler is watering the lawn and not the driveway or street.

Do: Plant Drought Tolerant Plants

summer-landscaping -tips-rudbeckia-black-eyed-susan

Black-eyed Susan (Rudbeckia)

Spring or fall is a better time for planting than the full heat of summer, but it is possible to plant in the summer. Just be sure to choose healthy annuals and perennials, and water them thoroughly until they get established.

For Maryland, Black-eyed Susan is a perennial favorite. Native plants are more likely to thrive.

Do: Keep Shrubs and Trees Trimmed and Away from the House

Summer thunderstorms and high winds can send tree branches flying. Keep an eye on any dead limbs or branches encroaching on your home. If tree trimming is beyond your scope, hire a professional. As far as shrubs and bushes go, you should trim them to keep them six inches away from the walls of your home.

This keeps the bushes from rubbing against siding or paint and facilitating mold or mildew growth. It also helps keep bugs in the bushes, rather than trying to find a crack that lets them into your home.

Do: Keep an Eye on Drainage

When there’s heavy rain or rain for days on end, does water collect in one spot, or does it drain away? By keeping an eye on the situation, you can make plans for the future. You can consider installing a rain garden. Or you can get someone to come and regrade your property to improve drainage. Maybe you need to install a dry river bed that looks great when it’s dry and channels water where you want it when a tropical storm hits.

Don’t: Mow When the Grass is Wet

Mowing when the grass is wet is bad for the grass, and bad for your mower. It can also be bad for your lawn in general, as the mower wheels may dig into a saturated lawn. Wet grass tends to cut less cleanly, and the clippings will clump together. This can clog your mower. Keep an eye on the weather, and mow a day early before expected rain, or a day later, to give the grass time to dry out.

Don’t: Neglect Potted Plants and Hanging Baskets

If you add color to your front entryway, porch, and patio with potted plants or hanging baskets, be sure to give them daily TLC. Soil in the pots and baskets can dry out quickly when the sun is high in the sky and the temperatures are high. Use a watering can or the mist on your hose – whatever is easiest. Make sure the pots have good drainage to the plants don’t get too much water during a wet spell.

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Don’t: Forget to Enjoy Yourself

Take time to sit back and relax, and enjoy the beauty of your home. Spend time with friends and family. The lazy days of summer will be over before you know it!

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