Best Outdoor TVs for Your Patio

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The NFL preseason starts with the Hall of Fame Game on August 5th. How cool would it be to watch games out on the patio this year on your brand-new outdoor TV? You still have a little time to get it done before the Washington Football Team hits the road to take on the New England Patriots on August 12th, or the Baltimore Ravens host the New Orleans Saints on August 14th.

If you’re lucky, you could even catch the last bit of the Summer Olympics. And further into the summer and fall, you can watch more football, or have a family movie night. An outdoor television is just a great addition to outdoor entertaining – put on a movie for those who don’t want to be in the pool or to keep the kids all in one place.

Choosing the Best Outdoor TV for Your Space

You probably already know this, but an outdoor TV is different from the TV in your living room. They are specially made and rated to withstand temperature, humidity, and lighting variations that come with being outdoors.

Now we didn’t review outdoor TVs ourselves – we’ll link to the folks who did the reviews so you can see all the technical specifications and considerations. But here are some top things to look for:

  • Quality
  • Performance
  • Features
  • Price goes through and reviews outdoor TVs based on what you will use it for the most and budget. The BBQ Guys focus on 2160p 4K Ultra Outdoor TVs. And finally, BEST reviews for Big Screen, Compact, and top pick.

Our recommendation: stick with well-known, reputable brands and choose the one that fits your space and what you will be watching the most. Samsung and LG products top all 3 lists. We also recommend getting a weatherproof soundbar to add to your setup. This will help ensure your TV can be heard above the noise of your guests.

An outdoor television is just a great addition to outdoor entertaining!

Opt for Professional Installation

We think if you’re going to spend the money on a high-end outdoor TV, it makes sense to pay a little extra for professional installation. This way you’re protected if something happens during installation, and the setup is right the first time.

Outdoor TV Covers or Outdoor TV Enclosure

Something to consider and purchase at the same time as you order your TV is an outdoor TV cover or outdoor TV enclosure. Both of these will help protect your TV from the elements. We can design and build a custom enclosure if we’re installing your outdoor TV as part of a larger outdoor living project such as a patio project or the addition of an outdoor kitchen.

Dream It. Build It. Live It.

You can add an outdoor TV to your outdoor living space at any time. A lot of our clients include adding one when we are in the design process.  We can mount it above your new fireplace, on an exterior wall of your home on the patio, or other locations.

If you’re looking to upgrade your property with new landscaping or hardscaping projects, we can help. We work with homeowners throughout the Capital Region, including Maryland, DC, and Northern Virginia. Just fill out the contact form to schedule a consultation, or call us at 301.720.1000.


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