2022 Backyard Upgrades You’re Going to Want

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2022 is finally here! Have you been dreaming about a new backyard? Now is the best time to start. If you have dozens of Pinterest boards with inspiration pictures but just can’t decide exactly what you want, keep reading. We’re sharing with you the top backyard upgrades you’re going to want this year.

Bring the Indoors Outside

One of the biggest trends we saw in 2021 that is continuing into 2022 is indoor living features brought outside. This might be one of our favorite backyard upgrades because outdoor living doesn’t have to be reserved for the warmer months. The best part about these features is that they can be used year-round with correct lighting and heating elements.

Outdoor Kitchens and Bars

We’re sure many people can relate to some of their best memories being in the kitchen. Why not bring those memories into a new space with an outdoor kitchen?

Outdoor kitchens with a bar attached are great for hosting large groups of people. Plus, if you have an outdoor living room to go with it, you have a perfect place to entertain all day or all night long.

Outdoor Living Rooms

Next to the outdoor kitchen, the outdoor living room will probably be the most used space. When deciding on the features of this new living space, we always recommend plenty of comfortable seating, a roof to shelter you from the harsh sun or rain, lighting for the nighttime, and a ceiling fan for those hot summer days.

Keeping this space comfortable and relaxing is our goal when designing it.

semi inground pool custom pool

Technology Integration

You can’t forget about the technology that is necessary for your new backyard upgrades. These features are almost always needed in a luxury outdoor living space.


When homeowners start to think about upgrading their backyard, they often forget how important lighting is. Any backyard should have lighting in place for not only the aesthetic and luxury look, but also for safety.

And if you have a pool, lighting is absolutely essential so anyone in your yard is aware that it is there in the dark. Lighting doesn’t have to be boring either. You can add LED color-changing lights inside the pool for a fun and calming look or lighting around your property that can dim.

Outdoor Entertainment

TVs and outdoor projector screens are becoming more and more popular in new outdoor living spaces. When you invest in a new outdoor space, you want to spend as much time enjoying it as possible. Add a TV or projector for at-home movie nights or watching sports with friends.

Outdoor Sound System

Your sound system is just as important as any other outdoor technology. Since this is an outdoor space, you need a good sound system to cover your property and be able to hear music or entertainment on the TV over the outdoor noise elements.

Outdoor speakers are also great for mood music during parties, events, or intimate gatherings with friends and family.

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Pools for Summertime Fun

You can’t forget about the pool! One of the most popular backyard upgrades is a customized swimming pool. A tanning shelf, waterfall, and waterslide are all popular pool features to consider for luxury outdoor living.

Pools are great for cooling off in the heat, hosting parties, and having fun with family and friends. And let’s be honest, they can make any backyard look amazing when designed correctly. No matter the size of your yard, we can create a custom size that perfectly fits.

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Dream it. Build it. Live it.

You deserve luxury outdoor living at its best. Are you ready to build the backyard of your dreams? Now is the best time to start your 2022 upgrades.

If you’re looking to upgrade your property with new hardscaping projects or a pool, the team at Live Well Outdoors can help. Just fill out the contact form to schedule a consultation, or call us at 301.720.1000. We work with homeowners throughout the Capital Region, including Maryland, DC, and Northern Virginia.

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