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Cool Essentials for Opening Your Pool This Spring

Pool season is just around the corner, and it’s a great time to start thinking about all the cool essentials you’ll want when you open your pool this spring. And no, we’re not talking about pool chemicals and test kits. We’re talking about the accessories that will make your life easier, and make your pool parties more fun!

Let’s dive in.

Pool essentials

Large-Scale Pool Floats

All the cool kids have large-scale pool floats. These cool adult-sized pool floats come in a huge variety of shapes and styles, from food items to flamingoes to swans to floating cabanas.  Check out the offerings from Funboy. They’re behind many of the inflatables you’ve seen on Instagram. And don’t forget to get a pool float for your cool pool pup! 

New Lounge Chairs

When you’re done with your swim, or just want to lounge by the pool and work on your tan, new chaise lounge chairs are an essential item. At the very least, replace the cushions for your pool loungers. Unless you stored them perfectly, your old ones smell musty or have stains. Who needs that?

When it comes to luxury pool chaise lounge chairs, check out the offerings from Perigold or Serena & Lily. 

Luxurious New Pool Towels

Ok, sure, keep the old pool towels for the kids and their friends. But for the adults, it’s time to splurge on some luxurious new pool towels. Have you seen some of the collections of designer beach towels at Bloomingdales?  They’re like works of art.

Stylish and Attractive Storage Solutions

Your pool embodies luxury outdoor living at its finest. That’s why it’s important to have stylish and attractive storage solutions to keep things out of sight when they’re not needed. For example, stylish storage bench seating where the top opens up is a great idea. Just open the top and put away pool noodles, swim goggles, and other pool toys. It should have drainage holes in the bottom to let out any water. 

You can also store extra beach towels, sunscreen, and a first aid kit out of sight but easily accessible when needed.

Pool Automation

If you haven’t already automated your pool, what are you waiting for? Today’s pool automation systems allow you to control things from your smartphone. Want to get the spa jets going while you’re still driving home? Check. Want to set up a light show for a nighttime pool party and then have it magically start? Check. Want to heat the pool before taking a swim on a cooler morning? Check. Retrofitting a pool automation system to your inground pool is a pretty simple task, and worth the convenience!

Dream It. Build It. Live It.

If you’ve grown envious of your neighbor’s pool, maybe it’s time you installed an inground pool of your own. We design and build custom pools for some of the nicest homes in the Capital Region. Take a look at our Portfolio, and if you like what you see, schedule your initial consultation. You can use the contact form or call 301.720.1000.

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