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Concrete Pavers vs. Stone Pavers: What’s Right for Your Project?

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If you have an old cracked stamped concrete patio or a teensy-weensy patio, you may be looking to upgrade. When you’re planning an upscale patio, one of the major decisions is choosing concrete pavers and stone pavers.

We like them both, as do our clients. The decision of which material to use comes down mainly to two factors: taste and budget. Let’s take a look at the pros and cons of concrete pavers vs stone pavers, and you can decide what’s right for your project.

Concrete Pavers

The concrete pavers of today look like natural stone, complete with color variations and texture variations within the same product line. Our go-to manufacturer is Belgard. Their pavers also coordinate with their retaining wall block, outdoor kitchens, fire pits, and more.

Here are the important pros and cons of concrete pavers:


  • Attractive
  • Durable
  • Wide array of shapes, patterns, and colors
  • Mimic the look of brick, cobblestone, slate, travertine, flagstone, etc.
  • Relatively level when compared to natural stone
  • More affordable than natural stone- your budget goes farther
  • Less labor-intensive to install
  • Easy to replace if one cracks.



  • Even with variations, concrete pavers are not as unique as stone pavers.
  • While they will last decades, concrete pavers will likely not last as long as natural stone.


Natural Stone Pavers

Excavated from the earth, natural stone pavers can be laid in a patio as is, or cut into smaller pieces, depending upon the type of stone. Natural stone from this part of the country includes flagstone, quarry stone, Pennsylvania bluestone, and more.

Here are the important pros and cons of natural stone pavers:


  • Attractive
  • Durable
  • Unique – no one will have a patio that looks like yours
  • Will last longer than concrete pavers if properly installed


  • Expensive, especially for large projects
  • Not as level or flat as concrete pavers; not suitable for the dining area or grill area
  • Limited colors
  • Difficult to find a replacement stone if one cracks


A Combination of the Two

You can have the best of both worlds and use a combination of the two. For instance, the majority of your patio or walkways could be concrete pavers, but you could use natural stone for a border or interesting inlay pattern. You can also incorporate boulders into your landscaping.

Whatever you decide, be sure to hire experienced outdoor living contractors who do the quality of work you expect.

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