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7 Sensational Design Tips to Bring the Indoors Outdoors this Season

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We’ve all been bringing the outdoors in for years – bringing in all sorts of house plants, as well as using color, texture, and materials that mimic nature. Now, a growing trend is to bring the indoors outdoors. We’ve pulled together some design tips to help you achieve this in your own outdoor living spaces.

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Coordinate Indoor and Outdoor Color Palettes and Materials

If you want your indoor-outdoor spaces to look and feel unified and cohesive, start with weaving certain elements between the two. For instance, consider using tile outdoors that coordinates with your indoor tile. Or use pavers that look like hardwood planks if you have hardwood floors inside.

You can also use the same color palette in your outdoor living spaces as you do in your home’s interior. This makes your outdoor spaces seem more like an extension of your home rather than an afterthought.

Bring the Kitchen Outdoors

One of the biggest trends in bringing the indoors outdoors is by adding an outdoor kitchen. This allows you to be where all the fun is happening – outdoors! Many of our clients build their outdoor kitchen with all of the features of their indoor kitchen. This can include the grill, of course, a flattop, a refrigerator, wine cooler, granite countertops, cabinets, bar area, and much more.

Go High-Tech

Another great way to bring indoor features to your outdoor living spaces is by increasing your technology outdoors. Make sure you have dedicated WiFi for outdoor use if you have a large property. Install an outdoor sound system to send music to the farthest corners. Add an outdoor TV for movie night and watching the big games. Nearly any tech you use inside you can bring outside.

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Light It Up

Put as much thought into your outdoor lighting fixtures as you do to the interior fixtures. A great way to bring the indoors outdoors this season is to hang a chandelier from the ceiling of your pavilion so that it is centered over your outdoor dining area. You can also add a ceiling fan with lights in your outdoor kitchen area. Lastly, you can hang pendant lighting above your outdoor bar.

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Choose Comfortable, High-End Patio Furniture

Splurge on your patio furniture to get the comfort and high-end look you’ve already achieved with your indoor furnishings. Add pillows and blankets for added comfort. Place the conversation area in an area that gets plenty of shade, or add a retractable awning. And don’t forget to add a gorgeous indoor-outdoor rug to complete the look of your outdoor living room!

Add Houseplants

Houseplants aren’t just for indoors, you know. Create a lush wall of plants for vertical interest, or place potted plants throughout your outdoor living spaces. You might also consider using taller plants such as palms and grasses to create a privacy screen. You can bring them indoors when the weather turns cold months from now. 

Just be sure to choose houseplants that are suited for where you want to put them – in sun or shade. For instance, a snake plant would do well in a shaded area of your patio


To add the finishing touches, bring indoor accessories such as candles, mirrors, and framed photos or artwork outside. You can place smaller items on tables or counters, and hang other items on an exterior wall.

By following some or all of these tips, you can make your outdoor living spaces flow seamlessly from your home’s interior.

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