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Back to School Pool Party Ideas and Tips You’ll Love

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The start of school is just around the corner, whether your kids are in elementary school, high school, or going off to college. School starts back up for a lot of Northern Virginia schools on August 22 and many Maryland schools go back on August 29. So, there are only a few weekends left to throw a pool party and end summer vacation with a splash.

Here are our top tips and ideas:

pool party ideas

Pool Party Tip #1: Involve Your Kids in the Planning

Depending on the age of your kids, you can have them help plan the party and do some of the work involved. They’ll enjoy it more if they have a say. And they’ll have some creative ideas you may not have thought of.

Pool Party Tip #2: Choose a Theme

Now, this is one of the reasons to get your kids involved. While a tropical theme is easy to pull off, they might have ideas of how to add a personal twist. They might also suggest a theme more closely related to their age group, favorite shows, or trends on social media. Listen to their ideas, and choose a theme that is age-appropriate and fits your budget. Let your teen create a playlist that fits with the theme. You have the final review of said playlist.

Pool Party Tip #3: Send the Invitations ASAP

Decide how many people you’re going to invite, keeping in mind not everyone you invite will be able to come. Your kids can come up with a guest list of their friends, while you can invite other parents and neighbors. Your kids will likely send invitations via text or a group chat. Just make sure they have the correct details about the theme, the time, what food will be provided, what they should bring (if anything), and other information they might need.

Pool Party Tip #4: Plan the Decorations and the Food

Buy or make decorations that go along with your chosen theme. Again, get your kids involved. Make a list of what food you want to serve and go grocery shopping for everything you will need. Need pool party food ideas to go with your theme? Need any ideas on how to decorate? Turn to Pinterest and Google search results for inspiration.

Pool Party Tip #5: Plan Activities

Games and activities will vary based on the age of your kids. Plan activities for both in the pool and in the backyard. Some ideas for pool games include Marco Polo, pool volleyball, and Sharks and Minnows. Games for out of the water can include cornhole, a water balloon toss, karaoke if you have the equipment and an older group of teens, and more. Once again, ask your kids for suggestions of activities they think their friends would enjoy. 

Pool Party Tip #6: Prep the Pool

At least 24 hours before the party, be sure to clean your pool and shock it so it’s ready for all the extra people. If you have a pool slide, check that it’s secure without any rough edges. Set up a staging area with extra beach towels, First Aid kit, sunscreen, bug spray, and Dollar Store sunglasses and flip-flops for guests who forget to bring these items.

Pool Party Tip #7: Enjoy Party Day

While the day may start off with prepping the food and decorating the pool area, be sure to take time to relax and have fun with your guests. Adults and kids alike will enjoy getting together even if everything isn’t perfect. 

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