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Seasonal backyard care

Seasonal Backyard Care From Fall Lawn Care Tips to Hardscape Maintenance

As the leaves change, so do the needs of your outdoor spaces. It’s a critical time to maintain and protect your various backyard elements. From checking your outdoor fireplace to prepping your patio for the colder months, we have essential tips and tricks to ensure your luxury outdoor amenities remain in top shape. Start early […]
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Low Maintenance Landscaping – What It Is and Why You Want It

How will you spend your summer? Vacationing somewhere fabulous? Lounging by the pool? Toiling away in your yard mowing, weeding, and trimming in a seemingly never-ending cycle? For too many homeowners, that last one hits close to home. You work hard. You don’t necessarily want to spend your free time mowing the yard, trimming, weeding, […]
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Landscape Designers Near Me

Top 3 Landscape Design Tips to Get the Outdoor Oasis You Deserve

Whether you’re interested in turning a drab and overgrown backyard into an outdoor oasis or you’re building a custom home and want a custom outdoor living space, you’re smart to do your homework before spending a penny. Knowledge is power. Learn more about landscape design, and follow three basic tips to get the quality results […]
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Celebrate National Gardening Day

April is National Gardening Month, and today – April 14 – is National Gardening Day. What better way to celebrate than by working in your yard to plant a new flower garden or start planning for a vegetable garden? Even if you don’t have much space and use pots, planters, and raised beds, you can […]
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Spring Yard Cleanup and Maintenance Tips You Can Use Now

The beginning of April is a great time to get outside and do some spring cleaning. We’ve pulled together spring yard cleanup and maintenance tips to boost your property appeal and enjoy your outdoor oasis.  It’s time to get outside and get to work with the whole family – even the youngest children can help […]
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Plastic Snow Shovel for Patio Snow

How to Care for Your Hardscape in the Harsh Winter Weather

Snow, ice, and the freeze-thaw cycle don’t have to be damaging to your hardscape elements such as your patio, driveway, walkways, and deck. It just takes some TLC and knowing how to care for your hardscape elements in the wintertime properly. We’ve pulled together some tips to help you protect your investment. Tip #1: Seal […]
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Lawn Covered in Leaves

What to Do with All Those Falling Leaves

Peak foliage is passed, and leaves will be falling in droves before you know it. Before you go out to rake up those leaves and bag them, you’ll want to read this. So, what should you do with all those leaves? You have a few options. Option #1: Go Natural If you have a large […]
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Fall Landscaping Checklist

Fall Landscaping Checklist

With the heat of summer just a memory, now’s the time for Maryland and northern Virginia homeowners to tackle some fall landscaping tasks. We’ve pulled together a checklist to help you care for your trees and shrubs, lawn, and garden beds. Let’s get started. Tend to Trees and Shrubs October can be a great time […]
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Spring Bulbs in Bloom

Planting Spring Bulbs: What You Need to Know

October is the perfect time for planting spring bulbs. That’s because bulbs need time to establish a healthy root system before winter arrives. If you plant them too late, they may not emerge in spring.  How to Choose Spring Bulbs First, decide what flowers you want, and what colors. You may want to browse online […]
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Tree Planting

Fall Is a Great Time to Plant a Tree

If you were wishing for more shade during the heat of summer, or you want to enjoy flowering trees next spring, you may be thinking about planting one or more trees in your yard. Fall is a great time to plant trees, and may be the best time to plant a tree.  That’s because by […]
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