Outdoor Bar Ideas

Outdoor Bar Ideas for Your Backyard

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Outdoor bars for backyards are a hot trend. If you like to entertain, you like Happy Hour, or you’re looking to add a cool feature to your backyard, you may want to read through some of these outdoor bar ideas for your backyard.

While you could certainly just have a bar cart on your patio or deck, we’re going to focus today on outdoor bar ideas that have a standalone bar under a pergola or pavilion, and ideas that combine your outdoor kitchen with an outdoor bar. In other words, more extensive outdoor living projects with plumbing and electricity that you would need to hire a contractor for.

Your style options range from elegant to rustic, and everything in between.

outdoor bar ideas

Outdoor Bar Elements to Consider

Whatever style you choose, your backyard bar will need several main elements. Let’s take a look.

Bar Height Countertops

To be considered a true bar and not just a dining or food prep area, you’ll want to have bar-height countertops. The countertops should be made from weather-resistant materials. If this is an extension of your outdoor kitchen, you will want the same countertops you have there.

Barstools / Bar Chairs

You’ll want to choose your bar seating carefully. We like bar chairs for their comfort and versatility. They’re counter high, with a chair back for support. Bar chairs that swivel are great. If you can, test out several chairs before choosing one. You’ll also want to decide if you want your bar chairs to coordinate with your other patio furniture, or have a distinctive look.

Beverage Coolers

While your outdoor kitchen will have a refrigerator, you’ll want some specialized equipment at your backyard bar. This can include:

  • Outdoor Icemaker
  • Outdoor Wine Cooler
  • Outdoor Kegerator 
  • Outdoor Beverage Cooler

The idea of an outdoor bar is that you have everything right where you need it. You don’t want to be running back and forth to the house.


If your backyard bar is an extension of your outdoor kitchen, you can likely utilize the kitchen sink. But one person will be running the bar while another runs the kitchen, you may want a separate sink for the bar area. You will also want a dedicated sink if your bar is in a separate area.


If you’re going to store liquor bottles, mixers, a blender, and other items in your outdoor bar area, you’ll need dedicated cabinets. We would suggest locking cabinets so only adults with the key or combination can access the cabinets. If you don’t want to worry about a lock, keep the alcohol locked up inside your house.

Glassware Storage

Decide if you want to store glassware on the counter on shelves, in the cabinets, on a hanging bar glass rack, or a combination of all 3. To hang overhead racks, you would need to have your outdoor bar in a pavilion.


What sort of outdoor lighting fixtures do you want to light up your backyard bar? Pendant lighting is a popular choice, and twinkle lights or string lights can add a festive atmosphere.

Ceiling Fan

If you have your backyard bar under a pergola or pavilion, consider adding a ceiling fan to help keep you and your guests cool on hot summer nights. The movement of the fan blades can also help keep bugs away.

Looking for more backyard bar ideas? Just Google the phrase and browse the images that come up. You’re sure to see something that appeals to you. Cheers!

Dream It. Build It. Live It.

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