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Set The Mood With These Outdoor Lighting Ideas

The time of year is here where it’s warm enough that we are all starting to spend more time outside. If people are tripping because they can’t see where they are going, or the lights are entirely too bright for comfortable conversation, you can set the mood you want with these outdoor lighting ideas.

You may want to peruse a lighting store website or landscape lighting catalog to put your ideas into words. Pinterest is always good for inspiration as well. Learn the names of the various types of lights and styles, so when it’s time to get them installed, you can communicate your outdoor lighting ideas clearly.


Outdoor Lighting Options

Your outdoor lighting options are limited only by your imagination. Whether you’re just picking out a few new outdoor light fixtures, or you’re redoing your entire landscape lighting system, the materials, styles, and power source are all up for consideration. Your options include:

  • Outdoor solar lights
  • String lights
  • Outdoor wall lights
  • Outdoor LED lighting
  • Motion sensor lights
  • LED flood lights
  • Outdoor post lights
  • Outdoor pendant lighting
  • Low voltage outdoor lighting
  • Dusk to dawn outdoor lights
  • Outdoor pathway lighting
  • Rope lights
  • Outdoor sconce lighting
  • Outdoor recessed lighting
  • Spotlights
  • Outdoor globe light
  • And much more

Where to Place Your Outdoor Lighting Fixtures

There are several different areas where you can utilize outdoor lighting, and based on the location, you may want to set the mood, or keep it brightly lit. For example, you want your front post light and entry door lights to be bright enough that no one has to guess where the front door is. You want your walkways and stairs lit well enough that no one trips.

But in your patio area and pool area seating area, you may want a softer light. For your outdoor kitchen, you may want a brighter light over the work area – either pendant lighting or a ceiling fan with a light. And don’t forget lighting to showcase your water feature or landscape elements.

Of course, you will also want a certain amount of security lighting — like motion sensor lights, flood lights, etc. — to illuminate specific spots around your home.

Whether you’re installing outdoor lighting as part of a bigger outdoor living project or just need to brighten things up a bit, make sure you have an overall plan to enhance your home’s exterior.

Leave Outdoor Lighting Installation to the Pros

Unless you’re an electrician, it’s best to leave your outdoor/landscape lighting installation project to the pros. That is unless you’re just hanging a few string lights, or pushing a few solar stake lights into the ground.

Your outdoor living company or landscape design company can help you come up with an overall plan to implement your landscape lighting ideas. And once the materials are in hand, they can install your lights safely.

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