Tips for Clearing Snow Off Your Deck this Winter

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We know, we know. Some people love snow and some people hate it. But whichever category you fall into, you need to be prepared for safely clearing snow from your deck this winter. We may not get much at all, or we may get dumped on. You never know in the Mid-Atlantic.

When you’re finished clearing snow from your patio, driveway, and walkways, do you really need to remove snow from your deck? No, not really. Decks are built to withstand a lot of weight. The only exception is if we get 3 feet or more of snow.  That’s just too much weight.

Why You Might Want to Shovel Your Deck

Might you want to remove snow from your deck? Yes, for a couple of reasons. By at least clearing a pathway from your door across your deck, and down any stairs, you clear a pathway to fun for the kids and your dogs. Frolicking in the snow is so much more exciting if you don’t have to struggle to get there!

And if you like to grill, you might also want to shovel a path to your grill and around it. This will help make it easier to get your grill on and prevent a slippery area around it.

Pro tip: Use a broom to sweep accumulated snow off of the grill cover before you start shoveling.


Use the Right Tools

If the snow is only a dusting or a few inches of light, fluffy snow, you may be able to use a push broom to push it over the edge. Otherwise, use a plastic snow shovel. They’re not just for kids – a plastic shovel protects your wood deck or composite deck from getting scratched or scraped by a metal shovel. In addition, sweep or shovel parallel to the decking boards to prevent the shovel or broom from catching.

Icy spots on your deck, and especially the stairs, can be hazardous. Use only salt-free deicing products or sand to melt the snow and give traction. Just remember that anyone coming in from outside needs to remove their shoes or boots right at the door to avoid tracking in a bunch of gunk.

So, there you have it. You don’t have to clear snow off your deck, but you might want to. It’s your choice.

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