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5 Small Backyard Pool Ideas for Your Wellness Oasis

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Have a small yard with big pool dreams? Then, these small backyard pool ideas are for you. 

Yards are shrinking as land prices increase and homes get bigger. But bigger doesn’t have to mean better.

Everyone deserves a private outdoor oasis, regardless of space constraints.

These pool ideas make the most of your limited space and help you create a wellness retreat right at your doorstep. 

With spring quickly approaching, now is the perfect time to update your outdoor living spaces. Mild weather and the promise of warm summer days provide an ideal window for pool projects.

Start planning ahead with these small backyard pool ideas.

What are some creative small backyard pool ideas?

With thoughtful design and the right features, even the most compact outdoor spaces can become a source of relaxation, joy, and health. 

Here are some small backyard pool ideas to get you started:

1. Built-In Pool Seating

Small pool with built-in seating

One of the most inviting aspects of any pool is the ability to lounge and relax in the water. Built-in pool seating elevates this experience.

These permanent fixtures offer a comfortable place to sit back, unwind, and enjoy leisurely conversations. 

They can help make your small backyard pool not just a place for swimming but a social hub for friends and family.

Wellness Benefits:

Built-in pool seating is great for those with mobility issues. It allows for easy access and the ability to rest comfortably in the water. 

You can make your pool more inclusive and enjoyable for everyone without the need for constant moving or swimming.

2. Pool Sunshelf

A pool sun shelf is a great feature for any swimming pool. It creates an elegant, resort-like feel, making your pool appear larger and more inviting. 

This shallow area, typically situated at the pool’s entrance, offers a versatile space to lounge in the water and soak up the sun. 

It’s an ideal spot for installing sun-shelf pool chairs. These chairs help you relax in comfort and cool off just above the water.

Wellness Benefits:

A pool sun shelf can be a serene spot for meditation, gentle water therapy, or simply unwinding after a long day. 

The calming effect of water combined with the therapeutic benefits of sunlight enhances both physical and mental well-being. 

For families with small children or individuals with mobility concerns, the sun shelf provides a safe and accessible area.

3. LED Pool Lights for Inground Pools

Underwater pool lightsIlluminating your small backyard pool with LED pool lights transforms the space into a visually captivating oasis. They also enhance safety at night.

For small backyards, the strategic placement of LED pool lights underwater can create the illusion of space, making the pool appear larger and more inviting.

It’s important to note that lights outside the pool must be kept 5-6 feet away from the water’s edge. Hanging lights above the pool, for instance, can create a hazard.

Wellness Benefits:

These lights can create an ambiance that influences your mood and overall wellness.

The ability of LED pool lights to change colors offers the unique opportunity to tailor the atmosphere of your backyard to reflect your current mood or the type of gathering you’re hosting. 

A serene blue hue is perfect for relaxing after a stressful day. You can use vibrant red for lively parties or a soft green for a calm evening.

4. Pool Waterfall Features

Pool waterfall featureIntroducing pool waterfall features into your small backyard pool design elevates the aesthetic appeal of your pool, adding a touch of luxury.

For small backyards, a pool waterfall feature can be particularly impactful. It serves as a visual centerpiece and an auditory experience that enhances the sense of seclusion and privacy. 

This natural sound barrier can mask the noise of the outside world, allowing you to immerse yourself in the calming sounds of flowing water.

Wellness Benefits:

The wellness benefits of pool waterfalls extend beyond soothing sounds. 

The continuous movement of water helps to circulate and aerate the pool, improving water quality and creating a fresher swimming environment. 

This dynamic feature can also encourage physical activity, inviting swimmers to interact with the water in new and enjoyable ways.

5. Pool Jets

When considering water features for pools in small backyards, integrating elements that cater to both relaxation and fitness can significantly enhance the wellness benefits of your pool. 

Two standout features that achieve these objectives are massage jets and swim jets, each offering a unique way to enjoy your swimming pool beyond the traditional swim.

Massage Jets

Woman sitting near swimming pool massage jetsThese specialized jets are designed to target specific muscle groups. They deliver a soothing massage that mimics the experience of a spa treatment. 

Installed along the walls of your small backyard pool, massage jets provide a therapeutic release of muscle tension, promoting relaxation and wellness.

Wellness Benefits:

The gentle pressure exerted by the water can help:

  • Alleviate stress
  • Reduce muscle soreness
  • Enhancing circulation

This feature is particularly beneficial after a long day or a strenuous workout, offering a personal wellness retreat steps away from your back door.

Swim Jets

Swim jets cater to those looking to incorporate fitness into their pool experience. These powerful jets create a steady current against which you can swim. 

They simulate the feeling of swimming laps in a larger pool without the need for extensive space. 

This feature is perfect for small backyard pools where space constraints limit traditional lap swimming. 

Wellness Benefits:

The resistance provided by swim jets can:

  • Offer a comprehensive workout
  • Enhance cardiovascular health
  • Improve strength
  • Offer mental benefits associated with exercising

Additionally, the ability to adjust the intensity of the jets means that swimmers of all levels can customize their workout to suit their fitness goals.

Incorporating some of these features can transform a simple, small backyard pool into a wellness retreat.

By thoughtfully selecting and integrating them, you can create a sanctuary for relaxation, fitness, and leisure. 

Build It. Dream It. Live It.

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