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What Is a Smokeless Fire Pit, and Is One Right for You?

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With the nighttime temperatures starting to drop, we’re thinking about backyard fire pits. And so are a lot of folks. A hot trend (pun intended) in fire pits is something called the smokeless fire pit. That’s because while nearly everyone loves the beauty and crackling of an open fire, not everyone likes the smoke that comes from a wood-burning fire. This is due to smoke that can irritate your eyes and make your clothes smell. 

Smokeless fire pits still burn wood, but they are designed to provide a clean burn with minimal smoke. But, how do they do that? Keep reading to learn more.

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How Smokeless Fire Pits Work

Smokeless firepits have a highly efficient double-walled design. An airflow system at the bottom of the firepit or firepit insert ensures there is enough air for the primary combustion of your firewood or wood pellets. Once the fire is burning, the walls heat up and the smoke rising through the gap between the two walls is burned off because of the secondary combustion. The little smoke that is left then exits through air holes at the top of the fire pit. 

This ingenious design solves the problem of a smoking fire pit that makes people keep shifting positions to avoid the smoke. Here’s why.

Wood-burning fires smoke for 3 main reasons:

  1. Lack of oxygen
  2. Not enough heat
  3. Wrong fuel (green wood, pine sap, wet wood, etc.)

A smokeless fire pit takes care of numbers 1 and 2 above. However, it’s up to you to use dry, seasoned firewood or wood pellets. Keep in mind the fire will smoke a bit until it gets hot. 

Upgrade Your Outdoor Living Experience with a Smokeless Fire Pit Insert

If you have the space and the budget, a smokeless fire pit insert is a great upgrade. It goes into your stone or brick fire pit surround. You can choose from several sizes and even get a custom size from the original smokeless fire pit manufacturer, Breeo. 

No more smoke getting in your eyes. Or your hair. No moving your chair to avoid the smoke any time there’s a shift in the breeze.

For a Truly Smokeless Fire Pit, Go with Gas

Smokeless fire pits burn wood, and while the smoke is reduced, it’s never totally gone. For a truly smokeless fire pit, you would want to go for one that burns propane gas or natural gas. Today’s built-in fire pits can easily disguise a propane tank. And if you have natural gas, we can extend a gas line to your fire pit.

Dream It. Build It. Live It.

If you’re planning to add a fire pit to your outdoor living space, you may want to consider a smokeless fire pit. If you’re planning a large transformation of your backyard, we can help. Our design and build team can guide you through your options regarding an outdoor fire pit, outdoor fireplace, new patio or deck, inground pool, outdoor kitchen, landscape design, and more. 

We are now setting design consultation appointments for fall installation. Check out our Portfolio for examples of our work, and to get inspired. We work with homeowners throughout the Capital Region, including Northern Virginia, Maryland, and Washington D.C. 

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