Simple Landscaping Ideas to Spruce up Your Yard

Spring has officially sprung in Maryland. The grass is green, the spring flowers are in bloom, and flowering trees are adding color and beauty to the landscape. At least that’s what we hope you see when you look out your window. If your yard still looks like it’s recovering from winter, we have some simple landscaping ideas to spruce up your yard.

Let’s face it. After being cooped up for weeks, it’s good to get outdoors. And you can practice social distancing while completing yard work and implementing some of our simple landscaping ideas. You may want to figure out which garden centers near you are open and consider placing an order for pickup, or scheduling delivery.


1. Clean Out Flower Beds and Rake the Lawn

Even if you did a great job raking leaves out of your yard last fall, the winter winds blew leaves and other debris into your yard and flower beds. Now is a good time to clean up all the leaves, twigs, branches, and trim back dead perennials, to clear the way for new growth.

2. Mulch

Order a truckload of mulch, or buy mulch by the bag, depending on how many beds you need to mulch. If you put down new mulch last fall, you can skip this step. Apply an even layer of new mulch over the old. Be sure not to get too close to the trunks of trees or shrubs.

3. Add Container Gardening to the Mix

Take a look at the weather. If it’s unusually warm for April, you may be able to plant some cold-tolerant plants now, before you mulch. But if you put them in containers on your front porch, patio, or even at the edge of your flower beds, you can easily move them indoors if there’s a cold snap. Container gardening is great for both flowering plants and edible herbs and veggies.

4. Apply a Spring Lawn Fertilizer

Help your lawn grow green and lush by applying a spring lawn fertilizer. Be sure to read the instructions about when to apply, what setting to put your spreader on, and what it says about watering.

5. Plan for Warmer Weather

Now is also a good time to make your big plans for all of the other flowers, trees and hardscape elements you want to add. Think about dividing your yard into different garden areas with year-round interest.

6. Hire a Pro to Turn Your Landscaping Ideas into Reality

Some people have a real green thumb and love to work in the yard or garden. Many others would rather hire a pro to turn their landscaping ideas into reality. No matter where you fall on the spectrum, hiring a landscape design company to help design your gardens and install your hardscape elements is a great way to get the distinctive designs and getting the beautiful landscape you want and deserve.

Check back next week as we continue our landscaping series and share some of our favorite deck trends for 2020.

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