Combine Eco-Friendly Features with Luxury Outdoor Living in 2021

You love your outdoor living space, and you’re starting to pay attention to all the talk of climate change, going green, and sustainability. We’re here to tell you that you can combine luxury outdoor living with eco-friendly outdoor living features. The two can actually go hand in hand if you plan ahead.

There are an amazing variety of eco-friendly products, plants, and techniques you can use in 2021 to create or update your outdoor living space.

1. Use Green Hardscape Materials

Think natural stone and permeable pavers when you’re planning your new patio or updating your driveway. These materials are better for preventing water runoff than asphalt or blacktop, or even cement.

You can also consider using reclaimed wood such as barn board or old timbers. Search online or call your local lumberyard for suggestions of where to find what you’re looking for.

Natural and reclaimed materials add visual interest and sometimes come with a story. Vintage Lumber in Maryland is a reputable source for reclaimed lumber.

2. Collect Rainwater

By collecting rainwater in an attractive rain barrel, or by installing a rain garden, you’re making good use of water that would otherwise enter the sewer system.

Rainwater is excellent for watering indoor and outdoor plants, and some people even use it to wash their hair! In addition, a rain garden can help Maryland homeowners meet certain environmental site design (ESD) requirements.

3. Go Native

Whether you’re planning a new landscape design at a hew home, or updating your landscaping, try to use native plants wherever possible as easy eco-friendly features. By doing this, you can reduce the amount of water the plants need, as well as provide food and shelter for pollinators, birds, and more.

4. Think Low-Maintenance

Another eco-friendly tip for your outdoor living space is to think low-maintenance landscaping. By reducing the amount of turfgrass and replacing it with garden beds or hardscape elements, you reduce the amount of gas you use, and the amount of pollution you create.

And if you mow your own lawn, you’ll be giving yourself more free time! It’s a win-win.

5. Use the Power of the Sun

Solar landscape lighting has come a long way in recent years. While you may not replace all of your outdoor lighting with solar powered landscape lights, you may want to look around and see where solar lights would get the most sun, to provide the strongest light at night.

6. Shop for Eco-Friendly Patio Furniture

A dressed-up patio requires new patio furniture occasionally. Shop for eco-friendly products made from reclaimed wood or recycled plastic, for instance. Teak and acacia are also good environmentally friendly and low maintenance choices.

If you really like a bargain, consider shopping at consignment shops, estate sales, and moving sales. You can easily find patio furniture you can update yourself with a new coat of paint and cushions. And you may have saved it from going to the dump.

In addition, did you know that you can buy beautiful indoor/outdoor rugs made from recycled plastic bottles? They’re mold and mildew resistant, fade-resistant, and easy to clean with a hose and some mild soap.

7. Make Your Pool More Efficient

Did you know your pool pump can be a major power suck? If your pump is more than a few years old, consider replacing it with a more energy efficient variable speed pool pump. It is nearly 90% more efficient than a standard single speed pool pump. Look for ENERGY STAR® products.

By planning ahead, and selecting eco-friendly products for outdoor living, you can save on utility costs, help the planet, and enjoy your space to the fullest.

Dream It. Build It. Live It.

If you’re thinking about expanding your outdoor living space with eco-friendly features, without sacrificing the luxury elements you deserve, LiveWell Outdoors can help.

Our experienced design and installation teams offer you a personalized experience, distinctive designs, and an overall seamless process to deliver the beautiful and sustainable backyard oasis you’ve been dreaming of.

Book a consultation now to get your project started as soon as the weather allows.

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