9 Patio Updates to Turn Drab into Fab

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Just like your interior spaces, your patio needs occasional sprucing up. Maybe even more, since it’s exposed to the elements. With patio season underway, you may be noticing your patio looking a little underwhelming. Keep reading to learn about some patio updates that will turn drab into fab, without breaking the bank!

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Update 1: Create Rooms

Does your patio have distinct spaces or does everything run together? Think about rearranging the furniture or moving the grill to create outdoor rooms. Such as an outdoor living room, outdoor dining room, and outdoor kitchen.

Update 2: Add an Outdoor Rug or Two

A great way to define an outdoor room is to add an outdoor rug. You can add a rug and put a patio coffee table on it and arrange a sofa and chairs around it to create a living room. Add a rug under the patio dining table to better define the outdoor dining room. The variety of sizes, colors, and patterns of outdoor rugs is growing every day, so you’re sure to find something that speaks to you.

Update 3: Change the Patio Furniture Cushions

If you’ve had the same patio furniture cushions for a few years, they may be looking faded or even stained. Invest in some new cushions or cushion covers to provide a bright new look. We know people who have one set of cushion covers for the summer and then they switch cushion covers in the fall. It’s an easy way to change with the seasons.

Update 4: Add Throw Pillows

Toss in a few throw pillows in colors and patterns that coordinate with your outdoor rugs and patio cushions. Look for pillows that can withstand the elements, or have a chest you can store them in if rain is in the forecast.

Update 5: Add a Hammock or Hammock Chair

Adding a hammock or hammock chair adds instant appeal and a resort-like feel. There are free-standing options as well as options you can hang from a pergola, pavilion, or tree branch.

Update 6: Get a New Patio Umbrella

Is your patio umbrella looking a little worse for wear? Or perhaps you have one that lends shade to your patio dining table, but you’d like to add some shade to the seating area. Free-standing cantilever or tilting patio umbrellas provide shade and a high-end feel as well.

Update 7: Update Garden Beds

If you have dead or dying plants in the garden beds surrounding your patio, or they’re overgrown, give them some TLC. Consider upgrading with native plants and low-maintenance plants. Dd mulch to keep the weeds down as well.

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Update 8: Add Potted Plants

Whether you bring some indoor plants outside or you head to the garden center or nursery, add some potted plants for color and visual interest. This can include hanging plants, ceramic urns or pots, clay pots, etc. If you have a retaining wall, you can spruce that up with plants, or place pots on wide stairs and other areas. Use pots you already have or add a few new ones. If you have a pot whose shape you love but it’s looking a little worse for wear, give it a facelift.

Update 9: Light It Up

You probably already have some outdoor lighting. The most common is a light fixture attached to your home next to the patio door. Consider replacing the fixture if it’s old and doesn’t match your style anymore. You can also add string lights and rope lights to create a fun atmosphere in the dining area, seating area, or other areas. You might also consider some solar lighting/garden art stakes that you can stick into a garden bed.

By trying one or more of these ideas, you can give your patio a new, brighter look without breaking the bank.

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