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Property Amenities Today’s Luxury Homebuyers Demand

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Property amenities are more than just additional features in today’s high-end real estate market. They play a crucial role in enhancing the charm and value of homes, shaping them into ideal living spaces filled with convenience, luxury, and innovative design. 

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Modern homebuyers are on the lookout for properties that offer comfort and beauty while reflecting their values and lifestyle. They are drawn to luxury amenities for homes like sophisticated outdoor kitchens, advanced smart home technology, and sustainable, eco-friendly solutions. 

These amenities elevate the living experience, offering a personal haven where every aspect caters to the homeowner’s needs and preferences. In this blog, discover the top property amenities capturing the attention of today’s homebuyers and understand how integrating these features can substantially boost your home’s value and appeal.

Trends Over Time in Property Amenities

According to trends in luxury real estate revealed at the MoRE 2.0 conference, traditional hallmarks in the US include ample space and privacy, with features like expansive grounds, large interior spaces with high ceilings, and security enhancements. 

Luxury homes also use premium materials sourced globally, like marble, granite, custom cabinetry, and fine woodworking. While evolving, these classic elements continue defining luxury real estate based on the expectations of affluent buyers.

New Trends in Luxury Amenities for Homes

The tide is shifting in the world of luxury amenities for homes. The modern affluent buyer is leaning towards sustainable and eco-friendly property enhancements. 

The embrace of solar panels, energy-efficient designs, and other green initiatives is more than a trend—it’s a conscious shift towards future-forward living. The infusion of cutting-edge smart technology and a focus on health and wellness amenities underline the new age of luxury living, meeting aesthetic and practical expectations.

Home gyms and private outdoor spaces are in demand—a trend accelerated by the pandemic. As luxury real estate embraces these innovations, it creates new opportunities for homeowners to greatly increase their property value while enjoying this future-forward living experience.

Top Luxury Amenities for Homes

As the demand for high-end homes rises, discerning homebuyers are increasingly attentive to the property amenities that truly make a difference in their lifestyles. The following property amenities elevate your living experience and can substantially increase your property’s value.

Outdoor Kitchens

Imagine hosting a gathering in a fully equipped outdoor cooking and entertaining space. Outdoor kitchens include features like pizza ovens, grills, and storage, extending the livable area and enabling year-round hosting.

They blend functionality and aesthetics seamlessly, offering a perfect spot for family gatherings and entertaining guests.

outdoor kitchen

Pools and Spas

According to Forbes’s survey of top real estate agents, pools are one of the most requested property amenities. Taking a dip in a private pool or relaxing in a personal spa is the epitome of luxury. Pools and spas are highly sought after, especially those with features like waterfalls, grottoes, and smart lighting. 

Some buyers are even looking for indoor pools, which offer a year-round oasis, especially in colder climates. Others want spas with saunas and massage rooms to create a sanctuary of relaxation within their homes.

Smart Home Technology

In our digital world, smart home technology is more than a luxury—it’s a necessity for many. Home automation for lighting, climate, and security offers unmatched convenience. 

Integrating entertainment technology like home theaters adds a “wow” factor, ensuring your home is as comfortable as it is cutting-edge. And if you’re looking for more ideas, we have a blog on smart outdoor living.


Modern luxury homebuyers prioritize sustainability. Eco-friendly building materials, solar panels, and EV charging stations reflect the values of the environmentally-conscious buyer, aligning luxury with responsibility. 

These features can contribute to the planet’s welfare and add significant value to your property.

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Wellness Amenities

A healthy lifestyle is a luxury everyone wants. Wellness amenities such as home gyms, yoga spaces, and meditation rooms accommodate health and wellness priorities, offering a personal retreat for physical and mental well-being.

We also have some wellness ideas for a backyard sanctuary that won’t break your budget if you’re not ready for major projects.

These top luxury home amenities are game-changers in today’s real estate market. They make homes more than a place to live—these amenities create a personal paradise where every feature contributes to a luxurious and wholesome living experience.

Dream It. Build It. Live It.

In the world of luxury real estate, every detail matters. At LiveWell Outdoors, we understand the significance of each element that makes your home more than a place to live—we’re in the business of creating outdoor oases. 

If you’re considering integrating these high-end property amenities into your living space, remember that we’re here to help turn those dreams into reality. We work hand in hand with you, guaranteeing that each property amenity echoes your style, values, and desires for ultimate comfort and luxury.

Schedule a consultation with us today. Your journey to an enhanced, luxurious living experience begins now.

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