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5 Inground Pool Trends For 2020

When the team here at LiveWell Outdoors talks about inground pools, we mean concrete pools. That’s what we specialize in. These high-end pools are completely customizable, which makes them ideal for what you have in mind for your outdoor oasis. Some of our favorite inground pool trends for 2020 include: 1. Tanning Ledges Adding a tanning […]

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Our Favorite Deck Trends for 2020

Today’s high-end homes deserve high-end decks. We’re excited about some of the unique deck trends for 2020. 1. Custom Deck Designs The biggest deck trend by far is the move toward original deck designs. You don’t want your deck to look exactly like your neighbor’s. We get it. Consider a custom deck configuration that includes multiple […]

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Simple Landscaping Ideas to Spruce up Your Yard

Spring has officially sprung in Maryland. The grass is green, the spring flowers are in bloom, and flowering trees are adding color and beauty to the landscape. At least that’s what we hope you see when you look out your window. If your yard still looks like it’s recovering from winter, we have some simple […]

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