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Eco Paving with Open-Graded Gravel: A Guide to Sustainable Pavers

At LiveWell Outdoors, we’re dedicated to enhancing your outdoor experience while minimizing your environmental footprint.  With over 20 years of expertise in landscape architecture, design, and construction, we’re passionate about sharing eco-friendly solutions for outdoor spaces.  One way we do so is by exploring eco-paving solutions like open-graded gravel.  In this guide, we’ll delve into […]
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Hardscaping Near Me

Hardscaping Terms You Need to Know

If you’re looking into upgrading your outdoor living space, you’re probably familiar with the umbrella term hardscaping. As the name implies, hardscaping includes all of the elements of your landscape design that are not plant material, i.e. hardscape materials are the hard, solid elements. Hardscape Elements for Your Outdoor Living Space Hardscape elements can include: […]
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How to Choose the Right Patio Design for Your Yard

If you just bought a new home without a patio, or you have an unsightly concrete pad or deteriorating stamped concrete patio, you may be planning for a new patio. But before you hire a patio contractor, it’s helpful if you have a good idea of the patio design you want, and do your homework.  […]
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What You Need to Know About Driveway Pavers

Are you building a new home or upgrading your outdoor living areas? Don’t t forget about the driveway!  We’ve seen a lot of stunning properties throughout Maryland, DC, and northern Virginia with beautiful landscape design, stately homes, gorgeous patios and walkways, and neglected driveways. Which brings us to the question – Why ruin your curb […]
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Don’t Overlook Landscape Edging in Your Landscape Design

For a truly beautiful landscape design that enhances curb appeal and your enjoyment of your property, it’s important to consider how everything comes together. Much like the perfect belt, perfect pair of shoes, or a statement piece of jewelry can take an outfit from lovely to amazing, so too, can landscape edging put the finishing […]
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Permeable Pavers-for-Outdoor-Living

Consider Permeable Pavers for Sustainable Outdoor Living

Do you love the luxurious look of pavers? Are you considering installing a paver patio or driveway? You may want to consider permeable pavers. These products are growing in popularity in outdoor living design. This is partly because of state and local regulations, such as Maryland’s Stormwater Management Act. Homeowners and commercial property owners alike […]
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