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Four Seasons Landscaping – Why It Matters

If you want a beautiful property year-round, you need to plan with four seasons landscaping in mind. Why? So for every season, you have color and visual interest in your landscape design. Summer is easy because the grass is green, the trees are lush, and annuals and perennials are blooming in your gardens. Fall is […]

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Set The Mood With These Outdoor Lighting Ideas

The time of year is here where it’s warm enough that we are all starting to spend more time outside. If people are tripping because they can’t see where they are going, or the lights are entirely too bright for comfortable conversation, you can set the mood you want with these outdoor lighting ideas. You […]

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Privacy Landscaping Ideas to Try This Summer

Even if your neighbors are your best friends, there are times when you want a bit of privacy. And if you have a large yard or property, you may also want to create some secluded garden areas. Well, you’re in luck! We’ve put together a list of privacy landscaping ideas to try this summer. OK, […]

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Why You Should Use Native Plants in Your Landscape

Many homeowners want a luxurious landscape, but don’t put a lot of thought into the big picture. It’s important that you give consideration not just to what look and feel you are going for with your landscape design and gardens, but also to how your choices will impact the biodiversity of your area. Today, we […]

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Low-Maintenance Landscaping Saves You Time and Money but Still Looks Beautiful

We all love to have a beautiful yard that we can enjoy year-round. But not all of us love to spend every weekend working in the yard. And even if money is not an issue, do you really want to spend money on a lawn service when there are so many other fun things you […]

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